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Double Head Mitre Saw


Automatic double head cutting machine designed for 45° - 90° cutting of alu. profiles.

Automatic double head cutting machine designed for 45° - 90° cutting of alu. profiles. The left head is fixed, the right head is moveable. The moveable head moves on a linear rail system placed on a monoblock chassis and the millimeter accuracy is high due to the magnetic ruler measurement system. The saw diameter is 450 mm. Min as standard. 440 mm in length, max. 4000 mm in length and with profile shifting method max. Profile length can be cut in 7500 mm length. The machine is controlled by a touch screen PC with Windows operating system. It is compatible with all windows production and optimization programs. The ability to easily transfer unlimited number of optimized measurements to the machine (with flash memory, cable, cd, Ethernet, mail etc.). Thanks to Pc control technology, remote service is provided. Thanks to the special software of our company, warning and error messages are displayed on the control screen and the error in the system can be solved easily by the operator.
  • 45° – 90° Automatic cutting for Alu. profiles.
  • Cooling system for Alu. Profiles.
  • Hydro-pneumatic cutting system for Alu. Profiles.
  • Ability of cutting under intermediate angles
  • Pc controlled with Windows operating system.
  • Easy and fast data transfer because of Pc ( by usb memory , cable , cd , wireless, Ethernet, mail etc. )
  • Unlimited cutting data memory.
  • Thanks to 19’’ lcd control screen for being user-friendly
  • 3 different cutting type;
    1. Manual Cutting: It is one of the basic cutting type that operator writes dimension and then cuts one by one.
    2. Automatic Transfer Cutting : Cutting list is transfered from the window design program. According to cutting list row , moveable right head goes to dimension, heads turn angles automaticcaly and then finish the cutting process. Duty of the operator is just to feed profile.
    3. Automatic Recipe Cutting: Unlimited cutting lists are edited and stocked according to customer name in the recipe page by operator. After editing , in the automatic cutting page operator choose the cutting list from the recipe page and then cutting starts. After theese processes, Duty of the operator is just to feed profile.
  • Left head is fixed, right head is moveable.
  • Lineer rail guide system is used for moveable head motion.
  • Thanks to Lineer magnetic measuring scale system for 0,2-0,4 mm. Lenght sensitivity.
  • 2 pieces 70 mm profiles can be cut at the same time.
  • Ability of cutting max. 6000 mm.
  • Automatic safety sawguards.
  • Saw discs are 450 mm.
  • Ability of cutting in one head.
  • Min. 440 mm profile cutting length.
  • Movable feeding conveyor system which is connected to right head.
  • Horizontal and vertical clamps for strong fixing.
  • Remote control service technology.
  • It can cut Alu. corner chock.
  • Barcode system
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