Risus Industry Makina
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How does it work and what are its capabilities?

  • RSP-200

    Roller Shutter Punching Machine
  • RST-3060

    Roller Shutter Assembly Table & Test Machine
  • SD-1500

    Sorter Machine For Caps
  • RKT-8000

    Pvc Window Welding & Cleaning Line
  • RS-5500H

    Roller Shutter Profile Cutting Machine With Push Type Profile Feeding System
  • RO-2080D

    Isolated Roller Shutter Box Cutting (Cutting for tunel box)
  • RS-3600H

    Roller Shutter Box&profile Cutting Machine
  • RS-4400

    Caps Locking Machine For Roller Shutters
  • RJ-5200

    Roller Shutter Side Guide Milling Machine
  • SCM-500

    Machining & Cutting Center for Sectional Door Panels
  • RMC-501

    Pvc Window Profile Machining & Cutting Center

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