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RS-5500H Roller Shutter Profile Cutting Machine (New model)

Jan 7, 2021 - Thu

RS-5500H Roller Shutter Profile Cutting Machine (New model)
It is designed to cut roller shutter slats for mass production, alu. side channel profiles and group of monoblock roller shutter boxes.

1 axis servo motor controlled push type feeding conveyor system.

The max. profile length that can be loaded is 6500 mm. The control of the machine is done by touch screen PC with Windows operating system and the axis motion is controlled by motion control system.

The possibility of transferring unlimited number of optimizated cutting list to the machine easily from the roller shutter design program (with flash memory, cable, cd, Ethernet, mail etc.).

Thanks to Pc control technology, remote service is provided.

Thanks to the special software of our company, warning and error messages are displayed on the control screen and the error in the system can be solved easily by the operator.

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