Double Head Mitre Saw

Pvc Machines / C- Pvc Cutting Machines
  • 45° – 90° Automatic cutting for Pvc profiles.
  • Ability of cutting under intermediate angles
  • Pc controlled with Windows operating system.
  • Easy and fast data transfer because of Pc ( by usb memory , cable , cd , wireless, Ethernet , mail etc. )
  • Unlimited cutting data memory.
  • Thanks to 19’’ lcd control screen for being user-friendly
  • 3 different cutting type;
    1. Manual Cutting: It is one of the basic cutting type that operator writes dimension and then cuts one by one.
    2. Automatic Transfer Cutting : Cutting list is transfered from the window design program. According to cutting list row , moveable right head goes to dimension, heads turn angles automaticcaly and then finish the cutting process. Duty of the operator is just to feed profile.
    3. Automatic Recipe Cutting: Unlimited cutting lists are edited and stocked according to customer name in the recipe page by operator. After editing , in the automatic cutting page operator choose the cutting list from the recipe page and then cutting starts. After theese processes, Duty of the operator is just to feed profile.
  • Left head is fixed, right head is moveable.
  • Lineer rail guide system is used for moveable head motion.
  • Thanks to Lineer magnetic measuring scale system for 0,2-0,4 mm. Lenght sensitivity.
  • 2 pieces 70 mm profiles can be cut at the same time.
  • Ability of cutting max. 6000 mm.
  • Automatic safety sawguards.
  • Saw discs are 450 mm.
  • Ability of cutting in one head.
  • Min. 440 mm profile cutting length.
  • Movable feeding conveyor system which is connected to right head.
  • Horizontal and vertical clamps for strong fixing.
  • Remote control service technology.
  • It can cut Alu. corner chock.
  • Barcode system
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw-1
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw-2
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw-3
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw-4
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw-5
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw-6
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw-7
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw-8
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw Technical Information
Rk-4500h Double Head Mitre Saw Cutting Diagram