About us

About us
Risus Machine is working on machine production which is requested for Pvc&Alu. Door-Window manufacturing since 1989. Today our company, which has more then 40 products in his product range, works in 3000 m² closed area with its high technology equipments and expert staff.

Risus Machine, has introduced many innovative products in his market and is stil researching for new designs and which will deliver exellence in this field. We, who has world standart in his production, use all modern technology possibilities of the world and we use equipments ofworld leader manufacturers in our production.

Risus makes a point of customer satisfaction with lifelong service support. Its first and most important principle is customer care.

Our purpose; to gain customer satisfaction with quality products, suitable price, delivery on time and after sale sevice by following the latest technological developments in the world andapplying these development to products. And also our purpose, becoming one of the companies accepted in its area in the world.